Pump and Heater Set

The Engineer Company designs different types of pump sets, which meet special requirements our customers.

Our Oil Pump and Heater Set does for you:

1.Draws oil from your storage tank and pumps the fuel to the pressure required by your burner system.

2.Heats the oil from storage temperature to the temperature required by your burner system.

3.Regulates output oil pressure at a constant value as required by your burner system.

4.Regulates output oil viscosity (by controlling temperature) at a constant value as required by your burner system.

5.Our system can do these things for you, it does them automatically and (most important of all), reliably.

The Engineer Company designs simplex, duplex and other type of Pump And Oil Heater Sets. Heaters may be steam or electric, and both pumps and heaters may be of different sizes to meet your special requirements. All equipment is mounted on a structural steel base with integral drip pan and is completely piped, wired, and ready for service connections. Our company with more than 100 years experience makes your unit more reliable then your electric clock.

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