Fuel Burners

  • Gas Burner
  • Oil Burner
  • Ignition System

Gas Burner

While The Engineer Company has supplied gas burners for many years, we designed the spud type gas burner which provides highly efficient burning of gaseous fuels by evenly distributing and mixing the fuel with the air steam around the throat and diffuser. The burner has hinged front door for easy access to the register parts, oil gun, spare oil gun, gun support tube, stainless steel cast diffuser, two observation ports: one clear glass and one blue, swiveling type flame scanner mount, and interruptible gas electric ignition system. Refractory throat tiles and tile support ring need for lower heat at the junction of boiler and burner front plate. Stainless steel gas nozzles are removable for easy maintenance.

Oil Burner

The revolutionary “VB” steam or air-atomizing gun is a special internal mix unit designed for increased atomization efficiency and reduced atomizing medium consumption. The head is of stainless steel, heavy-duty construction with no critical seating surfaces to wear or become damaged. Pressure versus flow characteristics can be tailored to fit any application.

Ignition System

Our company designed the interruptible gas electric spark ignition type igniter, which produces a stable ignition flame when supplied with natural gas at the pressure specified. A Ignitor gas train is factory installed at the unit.

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