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Packaged Burner Systems
A complete packaged burner system includes burner, fan, windbox, piping, wiring, flame safeguard, and control systems properly matched and assembled. This results in minimal installation cost and reduced start-up time with single responsibility. For the system to function properly and provide reliable, efficient operation, all elements must be suitably sized and related to each other. When you specify and purchase a TEC packaged burner system you get the advantage of our experience in providing quality components designed and engineered into an integrated unit, offering many years of efficient, trouble free performance.

Burner Register
The high cost of fuel, the need of energy conservation, and reduction of air pollution, makes the requirement for the most energy efficient fuel burning equipment with minimal pollutants an absolute necessity.

Fuel Burners
  • Gas Burner
  • Oil Burner
  • Ignition System

Pump and Heater Set
The Engineer Company designs different types of pump sets, which meet special requirements our customers.

Ignition System
Our company designed interruptible gas electric spark ignition type igniter, which produces a stable ignition flame when supplied with natural gas at the pressure specified. Igniter gas train is factory installed at the unit.

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